Combine soft Yorkshire water, with a small batch, organic brewing operation, a unique blend of hops (more often found in ale), with a classic continental style lager yeast and you are given an exceptional and eclectic, moreish session lager with just a hint of spice.

Crisp, Clean, 4.2% Session Lager


Brewed organically in an award winning sustainable farming environment; this vegan friendly lager is brewed using local Yorkshire grown kilned barley and an exclusive blend of Eastern European hops (commonly associated with ale), this, matched with on- site gently chalk filtered Yorkshire water makes for a truly incomparable recipe.



We have sourced one of Poland’s oldest and most traditional hop varieties. Well known for its refreshing, unique spicy herbal and floral aroma it is often associated with Pilsner and Lager.


Adding a noble Slovenian hop developed in the second half of the 19th century and considered a major crop in the 1930s in both Austria and Slovenia, this addition brings both earthy and spicy aromas to the brew and is more commonly associated with ale.



- Lager Malt

- Wheat

- Yorkshire Water

- Cara pils


The Beer

The Ingredients


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