Our Story

Cold Bath Brewing was founded on Cold Bath Road, an iconic quarter in the Spa town of Harrogate, renowned in the Victorian era for its ‘spring of remarkably cold and pure water’. 

Cold Bath was born with a simple mission, to cross the divide and bridge the gap between industrial bland lagers and the craft beer sector, awash with high ABV double dry hopped IPAs.

The result of this is refined, balanced session beers that are refreshing but not overbearing. Selecting the highest quality hops and malt available combined with soft Yorkshire water. We never compromise on quality and create premium beers of distinction.

Born in a quintessentially British spa town, we draw inspiration from Europe; Bavaria, Belgium and the Czech Republic to produce beers that we love to drink, particularly alongside great food.

Whilst under-rated and somewhat misunderstood, for us there’s no better beer style that typifies this than Lager. 

That is the story of how we came to be, and how our signature session 4.2% Lager was born…